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Catalog Number 2002.000.0201
Collection Ridgefield Press Old Ridgefield
Object Name clippings
Scope & Content Ridgefield Press Old Ridgefield photos & columns for the year 2002

(no Old Ridgefield columns for missing dates)

1/4 -- [no picture]
1/10 -- Hillscroft Farm on St. John's Rd., once owned by prominent New York physician Royal Van Etten
1/17 -- children recently arrived at the Branchville train station and about to head for the Fresh Air camp (now the location of the Branchville school) ca. 1956
1/24 -- Main Street in the town center in the early 30s; compare to the view at 4/4
1/31 -- Mike Kilcran of Lakeside Drive holding the charter for the Ridgefield chapter of the Woodmen of the World, a fraternal order, which had many prominent male citizens as members; at the time of the Old Ridgefield column, the organization purportedly still had over 800,000 members
2/7 -- PFC Armando Frulla, a paratrooper in the 502nd Airborne Division who was killed at Bastogne on January 13, 1945; and his "shelter half " (a half segmant of a pup tent) which was discovered in an attic by a Belgian historian in 1999
2/14 -- [no picture]
2/21 -- the General David Wooster monument and historical marker on North Salem Road
2/28 -- [no picture]
3/7 -- [no picture]
3/14 -- [no picture]
3/21 -- [no picture]
3/28 -- members of the Order of Eastern Star in 1948; identifications are provided (photo loaned by Walter Boyce), but no background information on the organization is given
4/4 -- Main Street in the center of town in the 1920s; prominent in the photo is the sign for Leo Pambianchi's Central Garage, which occupied the southernmore space on the ground floor of the Bissell building, and sold Socony fuel and Nash automobiles (on the reverse side of the page is an article commemorating the 50th year of the Giardinis' Limestone Service Station
4/11 -- [no picture]
4/18 -- [no picture]
5/2 -- the Fifth Connecticut Line along with Rev. Clayton Lund of the Congregational Church, at the Ridgefield Cemetary for some commemorative occasion; standing with Rev. Lund is Edward Pearson, who commanded the line in the 70s
5/9 -- [no picture]
5/16 -- contemporary map of what Ridgefield looked like on april 10, 1729 when The Oblong was still part of Connecticut
5/23 -- freight train passing Branchville station, February, 1942
5/30 -- illustration from Goodrich's "Recollections of a Lifetime"
6/6 -- Ed, Howard, and John Freer, Jr., ca. 1932
6/13 -- fairly familiar photo of St. Mary's clubhouse (now church offices) in 1907, before the streets were paved and sidewalks were installed
6/20 -- high school class trip to D. C., 1926 (24 students, all identified)
6/27 -- local girl Karen Kopins as Miss Connecticut in 1977 and ten years later as a television and movie actress
7/3 -- [no picture]
7/11 -- "The most beautiful estate in nearby Connecticut..." in an overhead shot from an A. J. Carnall real estate ad that ran in a New York magazine in 1939; based on the accompanying description, the tag line may be accurate, but there is no indication of the estate's owner or actual location
7/18 -- groundbreaking for the Benrus plant on Rte. 7 near the "Circle" in August 1964; many of the members of the crowd are familiar faces, including three first selectmen; the caption identifies them and others
7/25 -- rehab work at the Little Red/Peter Parley/West Lane schoolhouse, 2002. Of note are the accompanying real estate ads for Ontaroga Farm in farmingville, and the Ebenezer Hawley homestead
8/1 -- members of the Women's Bigpin Bowling League, 1946-47, all identified
8/8 -- Charlie Ashbee as Santa Claus with two unidentified children (photo loaned by K. Ables of the Ridgefield Archives Committee)
8/15 -- elementary school class, possibly in the 70s, visiting the Little Red/Peter Parley/West Lane schoolhouse
8/22 -- cover of the paperback version of "Christ in Concrete", with cover painting by Ridgefield native Harry Bennett, and Ridgefielder Nano Marconi as the model for the figure in the painting
8/29 -- CVS employees Megan Roche and Christi Lauria holding one of the pictures loaned for display in the store's windows (and still there) by the Ridgefield Archives Committee
9/7 -- wedding day of Aldo and Anne Casagrande Girolmetti
9/12 -- Benjamin Franklin Grammar School, ca. 1915; photo of Capt. Nina Romeo, USA, in the 40s
9/19 -- a group apparently associated with the Chekhov Acting School which once occupied the former Boys' School on North Salem Road; positively identified are historian George L. Rockwell, Beatrice Strait and Sereno Jacobs; the man in the center in the rear may be Rev. Hugh Shields of the Ridgebury Congregational Church, and Mr. Chekhov himself is at the right in the front row, as an attached letter from Lydia Bedini Voorhees attests
9/26 -- an apparently patriotic ceremony/commemoration, with a large flag hung from a tree limb, portable organ and organist, and Julius Tulipani in his Legion uniform, but no other identification
10/3 -- 1940 Ridgefield high school baseball team; IDs provided
10/10 -- 1950s photo of members of Jerusalem Lodge No. 40 Masons; no IDs provided, but recognizable are Harry Phelan, J. Mortimer Woodcock, and a quite young Edwin Allan
10/17 -- circa 1908 postcard photo of Main Street looking south from just beyond the Elm Shade Cottages (Elms Inn) with owner John Rockwell standing out front and a horse and buggy passing by
10/24 -- 1945 yearbook photo of Harry Zandri, a well-known figure about town for many years
10/31 -- Christmas 1956 photo of the cowboy who came to be first selectman -- Rudy Marconi in the family kitchen, about to draw his six shooters
11/7 -- [no picture]
11/14 -- Irene Hoyt, the nurse who, for much of her 45-year career, constituted the District (now Visiting) Nurses Association; she was also the school nurse (when there was only one school in town) and thus had provided her services to literally thousands of people
11/21 -- presentation of a photo of the State Police barracks on East Ridge to Ridgefield Police Chief John F. Haight on the occasion of the transfer of the building from the state to the town police. Among those shown are State Police Sgt. Lou Pinto, a Ridgefield resident, state police clerk Mark Walker, and retired state police Lt. Jack Croce, also of Ridgefield
11/27 -- Konrad Bercovici, a prolific writer and self-proclaimed "King of the Gypsies", who also was a screenwriter and once sued Charlie Chaplin in that capacity, claiming plagiarism (he won). Bercovici and his family lived at the end of West Lane in the 20's and 30's. The photo caption says that the property straddled the state line, so it was presumably the considerable spread on the north side.
12/5 -- Dr. Newton M. Schaffer, a leading orthopaedic surgeon in the late 19th century, much of whose property on Wilton Road West included the present Soundview Road area. Dr. S is shown with fishing gear "on path to North Bay: Moosehead" (Canada?).
12/12 -- the Dunrovin estate on West Lane near Country Club Road, which burned to the ground in December, 1977; at one point, when owned by William M. Sullivan, Dunrovin was said to have the best known private concert hall in the United States, in its converted carriage house. Accompanying photo of Peter and Tommy Santini, Pam Pandolfi (later Principe) with Jimmy Tarsi, and Bobby Petrini, playing near their homes on Bailey Avenue in 1961. At the time of publication, all five still lived in Ridgefield.
12/19 -- Prince Chambliss, an Afro-American child from Birmingham, Alabama, whose application for admission to Ridgefield High School as a non-resident stirred up an enormous controversy that was ultimately covered by the New York television stations and newspapers, including the Times. Mr. Chambliss is shown with his host family, the DePues of Branchville Road.
12/24 -- Charlie Ashbee, for many years Ridgefield's Santa Claus, shown with an unidentified little girl in the 50s
Title Old Ridgefield photos & columns for the year 2002
Caption April 4, 2002
Accession number 2002.000
Lexicon category 8: Communication Artifact
Lexicon sub-category Documentary Artifact
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