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Catalog Number 19??.000.0201
Collection Ridgefield Press Old Ridgefield
Object Name clippings
Scope & Content Undated Ridgefield Press Old Ridgefield photos

U-001 -- original Jesse Lee Church and parsonage; interesting view, showing a large triangle at the intersection of Main and Catoonah, with a tree and shrubbery
U-002 -- Alfred Lindstrom driving David L. Jones' ox teams and wagons on Limekiln Road, in the vicinity of Theron Hoyt's farm, on their way to Jones' Fairview Farm holdings, ca. 1915
U-003 -- house at 31 Gilbert Street, still extant; published in Old Ridgefield as unknown, maybe in part because the photo is reversed
U-004 -- Mrs. Cleveland G. Bassett, nee Nellie Lewis, mother of Francis Bassett
U-005 & 6 -- two originally unidentified photos, one of Thaddeus Crane who had a real estate office in the Biglow Building; the other of Irene Keeler Sargent, daughter of S. D. Keeler, who had a grocery store in the building just north of St. Stephen's North Hall
U-007 -- Ernest and Josephine Brunetti with children Joseph, Leah, and Dante (RHS also has a copy of the original Hartmann photo)
U-008 -- B. O. Chisolm, who had a mansion on Peaceable Street and considerable holdings along High Ridge in the early part of the 20th century. Despite the Press' spelling as "Chisholm", samples of Mr. C's signature in the RHS archives indicate there was no 'h'; also, the Press item relates that the mansion is no longer standing, which is incorrect. Greatly modified, it is the third house on the right from High Ridge.
U-010 -- home of Leon Savue on North Salem Road, ca. 1920; pictured in front is Columbo Franceschini, father of Siero (Si). Leon Savue was the superintendent at the Richardson Estate.
U-011 -- Sammy Nicholas, a stone mason who lived on what was then north Main Street (now North Salem road) just past Nina's Restaurant (now Citibank)
U-012 -- house at 70 Barry Avenue; accompanying commentary provides some information on the history of the structure
U-013 -- Laura Keeler Mongillo, who identified the photo, taken by Hatmann in about 1920, herself. At the time she saw herself in the paper, she was 92 and living on Griffith Lane.
U-014 -- 1930s view of the center of town, taken from the roof or upper story of the Denton Block, looking southwest toward the Scott Block; stores in the Scott Block, north to south, as identified by the Press are the Cut Rate Drug Store, A&P, C. D. Crouchley's auto supplies (which at one time sold gasoline), United Cigar, Cott Liquor Shop, and U. S. Post Office
U-015 -- "pensive study" by Hartmann of Clara Bloomer Walker, wife of Horace A. Walker, who was quite active in town affairs, circa 1930
U-016 -- Vincent "Pi-Pi" Bruciati, father of Ero
U-017 -- Louise Butler Newton, wife of George Newton; the Newtons bought the Frederic Remington house on Barry Avenue in 1909, after Remington's untimely death
U-018 -- imposing residence on a ridge, possibly Iradell Farm on Rippowam Rd., home of Consuelo Vanderbilt Earl who died there in 2011 at the age of 107
U-019 -- home at 56 Prospect Street, long the residence of the Nano Marconi family, but owned at the time -- ca. 1925 -- by someone name Brown
U-020 -- Hillaire, the estate of Joseph Conron on West Mountain Road, nearly opposite Oscaleta Rd.; subsequent owner James Doubleday had the building razed
U-021 -- Grand View, the Peterson estate for which Grandview Drive was named; later owners were the Levys for whom Levy Park on Barrack Hill Rd. is named
U-022 -- a class from the Ridgefield Boys School (sometimes just called the Ridgefield School) on North Salem Road, thought to be the graduating class of 1923; Mrs. Ralph Crouchley identified her husband and his friend Markham Rollins among the eleven in the picture
U-023 -- Richard Conley of the Outpost Nurseries at the controls of his Liscomb Monoplane; boarding the plane is New York Parks Commissioner Allyn R. Jennings. The two were about to get an aerial look at the 1940 World's Fair grounds, for which Conley and Outpost provided 20,000 trees and shrubs
U-024 -- unrecognizable photo of the Mike and Lynn Ryer place at 35 East Ridge; at the time of the picture, the surrounding foliage greatly obscured the house itself
U-025 -- the R. P. Morgan family in front of their house, Hillscroft Farm, on St. John's Road
U-026 -- Ridgefield High School class of 1930, visiting Mt. Vernon on the class trip to Washington, D. C.
U-027 -- Ridgefield high school class of 1937, all identified
U-028 -- a graduating class at the Alexander Hamilton High School (located in the former Center Elementary School on Bailey Ave. until the new school building on East Ridge was enlarged to accomodate it); the class size -- ten -- suggests 1917 or 1918. Also in the photo is Charlotte J. Wakeman, the first superintendent of schools.
U-029 -- ladies of the Order of the Eastern Star, all identified, but no date provided -- probably 30s-40s
U-030 -- very nice, but not very clear, photo of the Ridgefield Playhouse, along with a few items about the building's background and an article by Jeremy Wilmot
U-031 -- another Hamilton High School class, about the same size as the one in photo U-028; everyone is in their best clothes, but the occasion isn't certain
U-032 & 033 -- two views of the Orville Sprague machine shop on North Salem Road, after an apparent fire in the rear of the building; someone interested in such things might find the variety of equipment and machinery cluttering the shop fascinating
U-034 -- Ridgefield's home guard unit, assembled for a picture on the day in 1917 when they were leaving to join the regular army; taken on the Old High School field with the water tower of the novitiate in the background. Some members are named but not identified in the photo.
U-035 -- cold weather view of the current St. Stephen's building (no leaves on the trees, but no snow), probably not long after it was built in 1915
U-036 & 037 -- two classes at the former Ridgefield School on North Salem Road; no date is provided for either, although one does appeared to be ca. 1922-23; the same picture also identifies four of the most prominent members of that student body
U-038 -- the 1938 high school baseball team, taken at Lee field in Danbury, with all members and perennial coach Kip Holleran identified
U-039 -- the Burr/Biglow/Ballard house on Main Street in the process of being razed, as per Mrs. Ballard's wishes, about 1965
U-040 -- the Carpenter (at the time of the photo) residence on High Ridge; also once the Strauss residence, the building is nearly unrecognizable now as the Frances Cleaners establishment
U-041-- William O. Seymour house on Parley Lane ca. 20s or 30s; not greatly changed at the present time, although the surroundings have
U-042 -- postcard view of the Lewis estate, Upaganstit, on West Lane, which, after several subsequent occupants/uses, was razed to become the location of the Manor Estates
U-043 -- closeup view of the front of the original Outpost Farm main house ca. 1919, which later became John Yervant's Fox Hill Inn, and still later was torn down by then-owner IBM because it had become too difficult to maintain; some interesting background material is included
U-044 -- interesting Hartmann view of the residential building which eventually became the popular NIna's restaurant, run by the Lavatori family; most resemblance to a residence had been lost by the time it was torn down to become a CitiBank branch in the 00's
U-045 -- snowy view of the "house at the South end of Lake Mamanasco", which a subsequent update identifies as a larger "sister" to the former Manresa estate; the only owner cited is someone named Bob Meyer
U-046 -- two views of a building originally identified as being the Lounsbury "Grovelawn" that was moved to Governor Street to make way for the current Lounsbury House/Community Center; a positive ID by Bob Swanson of Soundview Road, however, locates it in Lewisboro on Rte. 123 nearly opposite Mill River Road, where it is still recognizable today
Title Undated Ridgefield Press Old Ridgefield photos
Accession number 19??.000
Lexicon category 8: Communication Artifact
Lexicon sub-category Documentary Artifact